Rebecca Minkoff

Absolutely hot: New York style with the "Morning After Bag" by Rebecca Minkoff

In one's 20s and 30s there are many important life experiences a young woman will have to make. All of the Rebecca Minkoff bags perfectly express this sense of life with its constant turns and ups and downs. One reason, why her designs are so popular is because of their edgy, elegant shapes. Rebecca Minkoff's specialty is to give her handbags a lot of character with fancy and playful details. Stylish zippers, fringes or sparkling decorations are the usual features of a Rebecca Minkoff bag. The designer creates feminine accents but does not get lost in a too girlish style. Absolutely perfect for young, grown up women. So Rebecca Minkoff was one of the first bag designers who used studs and later decorative chains and rings. Nobody brings feminine and rough features so skillfully together and makes them inseparable like her. In 2005, the first Rebecca Minkoff handbag was released: The Morning After Bag, short M.A.B., has immediately excited the New York fashion scene and established Rebecca Minkoff's career as a high flyer. With this practical satchel Rebecca Minkoff created the perfect bag to party all night long!

Rebecca Minkoff bags: Downtown Romantic with cool studs

Rebecca Minkoff is a true lifestyle brand. Her casual and wearable bag looks, as well as clothing, shoes and jewelry have long been part of many street styles – worldwide. Hence, she is also very popular amongst celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting and Keira Knightley. In 2001, she launched shirts with their very own interpretation of the legendary "I Love New York" claim which effectively became an overnight sensation. Born in San Diego, California, Rebecca Minkoff was part of the costume department in her high school. At the age of 18 she went to New York with a clear objective of becoming a designer there. Today her fashion shows, some with astonishing live musicians, belong to the great events of the scene. As an innovator Rebecca Minkoff was one of the first in blogger relations. In her own blog, the designer and fashion lover writes passionately about Rebecca Minkoff handbags and keeps regular contact with other fashion bloggers. This intensive exchange and knowledge base of the hottest bag trends is her core secret to success. The designer is married to the actor and director Gavin Bellour, she lives together with him and their two children in New York City until today.



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