AnnaRita N is a female brand that is the result of the passion and tenacity of Anna Rita Noviello, a stylist and entrepreneur with a perennial look towards the future. A search for the new that coexists with the preservation of the past, since the beginning, in fact, its collections are packaged and distributed by Borg S.p.A., a company founded under the sign of the best Italian sartorial tradition. Model of style and soul of her brand, Anna Rita cultivates the desire to enhance and enhance the beauty of every woman, creating garments with a refined style and meticulous attention to detail, often finished by hand. Gathering stimuli from art and cinema, coming from both listed and distant cultures, collection after collection creates garments that appeal to a strong, refined and seductive woman, perfectly represented by advertising campaigns entrusted to talented photographers such as Paolo Zambaldi, Robert Jaso , Michelangelo by Battista and Karina Taira. Nothing but a versatile and contemporary woman but always classy, ​​who shuns the banality to express herself through unique and quality items. All this is possible thanks to constant investments in human resources, which have allowed it to surround itself with a capable staff, full of enthusiasm and distinguished by a strong creative verve, which accompanies each step of the process, from creation to production.



Cso V EMANUELE 136 80053 Castellammare di stabia


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