Valsport,  founded in 1920, over the years, and 'became part of everyday life' of the Italians with increasing momentum, thanks to the imagination and technical excellence in design placed in each product. The brand has a strong identity 'history in the national and international market thanks to the products created they have always responded to a fundamental ideal concreteness and at the same time avant-garde. Today, common elements with collections created is the passion and the enthusiasm with which each product and 'designed while keeping current cuts that stemmed but' a wise and ancient crafts, recovering vehicles that have written the history of the brand. The Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail, combined with the choice of Italian excellent quality materials make Valsport 1920, a unique product.


 VALSPORT | 12 | VTNRL001M05801
€ 215.00 182.00
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€ 215.00 182.00
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