Everything starts from the creativity of Pino, a flexible and versatile mind, capable of capturing from the smallest shades the inspiration for a new collection: the texture of a fabric, the nuance of a colour, the details of an accessory, a check design. The design of the jacket is the palette from which to develop the creative ideas: the slim and soft forms, the perfect fitting, the research and enhancing of details, the revers, the shoulders, the sleeves, are at the basis of the concept of aTagliatore garment.  a brand with a strong evocative meaning, born from the family tradition, has now been represented for many years through a simple creative image but efficient from a comunicative point of view. A case history with a strong emotional impact which puts in first place the product in all its stylistic brilliance.The evocation of the fashion design perceived from the style that it represents, always similar in its preparation but different in content.



Cso V EMANUELE 136 80053 Castellammare di stabia



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