Claudio Orciani looks for absolute minimalism, for example creating a very rounded belt without seam. And among the many innovations adopted by the entire sector, Orciani creates the first belt in stretch leather. Slowly the brand DNA is elaborated: dynamism, anti-conformism, creativity, excellence of raw materials and passion for quality craftsmanship. The most suggestive and preferred area by Claudio Orciani inside the plant is the so-called "demiurge" laboratory (figure of Greek mythology that with the water and the kelp transformed matter), where the skin is also worked with the In the meantime Orciani creates the first bags and here new shapes and processes are experimented: the hides are of primary quality, like the exclusive vegetable tanning leathers coming from the best Italian tanneries.




Cso V EMANUELE 136 80053 Castellammare di stabia


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