Alessandro Gherardi

«The most beautiful shirt will be next» Paraphrasing the famous aphorism by Enzo Ferrari about cars, Alessandro Gherardi describes his continuous striving towards perfection, a constant in 45 years dedicated to a cornerstone of the male wardrobe.

The shirts, Alessandro Gherardi has learned to love them since the early seventies when, freshly graduated, faces the adventure of life finding a job in the small town where he was born, Pieve Santo Stefano, in the province of Arezzo.

Wearing Alessandro Gherardi's shirts is a pleasure.
They are a second skin that caresses the body without forcing it, thanks to the anatomical construction of the sleeves, and which makes the small gestures of everyday life easier, such as folding the necks, impeccable thanks to an exclusive sartorial workmanship.


"A strong investment in service, which sees the tailor in the forefront".
All staff are trained to offer consumers the opportunity to "design" their shirt, unique and inimitable, authentic and personalized.

Alessandro Gherardi

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