Every single CYCLE piece is made with passion and dedication but never taken to the extreme. Five-pocket denim remains the core of the brand: denim is alive and changing, evolving with time, and constantly adjusting to the needs of consumers. Use and washes make denims transform with consumers, their lifestyles and habits; personality and temperament are ‘absorbed’ by denim. Every CYCLE denim, just like any other CYCLE piece, is unique in its details, treatments and finishing, and above all in the choice of materials: selections are focused on fabrics with the highest Japanese and Italian tradition, sewn with the typical passion of the most refined Italian craftsmanship. The offer covers extreme washes and looks matched by technologically advanced fabrics, super stretch and bi-stretch options, push-up denims, indigo as well as black denims, a variety of fits as well as the most traditional Japanese denim that hints back at the typically purist denim culture meant for a male public that appreciates the added value of products with special material quality and finishing. CYCLE denims, more than any other, represent the pure essence of fashion, the CYCLICITY, the uniqueness and the quality typical of Made-in-Italy combined with premium quality materials coming from the best suppliers worldwide.

JEANS CYCLE CYCLE | 40000049 | MPT191/SH D11399002
JEANS CYCLE € 200.00 - 51% = € 98.00
MPT191/SH D11399002
€ 200.00 - 51% = € 98.00
GIUBBOTTO CYCLE CYCLE | 40000048 | MCS170 B1292973
GIUBBOTTO CYCLE € 200.00 - 51% = € 98.00
MCS170 B1292973
€ 200.00 - 51% = € 98.00
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